Living in South Carolina
Nothing could be finer... than getting out of South Carolina. Although we have enjoyed our friends down there and were sad to leave them, we were ready for a change. On to New York, with tons of snow and extreme weather and hurried lifestyle - hey, maybe that place wasn't so bad after all...

Casey and I both attended college in Greenville, so we'd been there a while (off and on for me). I graduated with a degree in Pre-Medicine and ran off to medical school in Dominica while Casey stayed in Greenville, graduated with a degree in Radio and Television, and then continued with his Master's degree in Broadcast Management.

Casey graduated December 14, 2000; we moved the next day to New York City so I could finish medical school. While in SC, I worked in a physician's office as a receptionist (and occasionally as a spanish translator) while he finished his Master's.

MouseOver Magic

We thoroughly enjoyed the RTV students while there - the picture above is from when we and a group of students went to see the Black Watch Pipe and Drum band at the Bi-Lo Center in town. We also had a group of "the kids" over a few weeks after school started for a rousing game of Foxtail Football. We wanted to have a bunch over for fireworks sometime, but that was rained out a few times and eventually given up on. Probably a good thing, considering how RTV students like to play with fire.

Monday nights we spent at school because Casey had a student radio show to run, and if the Broncos were playing Monday Night Football, we stayed there quite a long time. The rest of the week we tried to get home at a decent hour, but it depended on how much schoolwork Casey still needed to do. Hooray for the RTV kitchen, crockpots, and Casey's office internet connection. Usually every Sunday night after church our friends Dave and Beka would come over for dinner. (Poor dorm students starving for real food.) That's the basic routine, as unexciting as it is...

For Thanksgiving, Dave, Beka, Jonathan and his parents, and Dan (another starving dorm student) all came over. After we pigged out, we watched "Chicken Run" and laughed all that turkey off. And that was the last major event in South Carolina, other than leaving.

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